The Astrological Journal 2018

January 2018

Victor Olliver's Editorial

Let's Get Ready to Party!

January 2918 Astrological Association JournalThere is so much to celebrate in 2018 that dedicated party-poopers may want to book themselves into the world's remotest log cabins or resorts - I can personally recommend Kokopelli's Cave in New Mexico or the tiny island of Motu Teta (Tahiti) as starters in your Google search. We are celebrating not just the ninth-decade birthdays of Dr Percy Seymour and Roy Gillett (see tributes in this issue) but the AA's 60th and its 50th annual conference in June (our May-June issue goes to town on these). Journal itself has hit its 60th year with this issue though its actual 60th birthday is not until January 2019, making it one of the longest-lived astrology magazines in the world.

Assiduous birthday-spotters may also want to note that Nicholas Campion is 65 in March, but that's far too young for special coverage. Still, minds have been known to change...

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