Classical Medical Astrology: Healing With Elements

The Scottish Astrological Association in association with the Astrological Association of Great Britain offer a one-day workshop with Oscar Hoffman

11 May 2019, 10am - 5pm at the Quaker Meeting House, 7 Victoria Terrace, EH1 2JL

Price: AA members: £40; Non-members: £45;

In the past a doctor would have been also an astrologer as a matter of course and a doctor without any knowledge of the "celestial art" would have been regarded with suspicion. In our days it is the other way around; but as everything in our world is governed by the planets and the stars, medical astrology is still valid and alive and kicking in the 21st Century.

This workshop explores:

• the model of the humours

• astro-anatomy, planets and organs

• astrological diagnosis

• cosmic treatment principles: sympathy and antipathy

• metals, herbs and gemstones

• questions on operations and treatments

• medical elections

• preventive measures on the basis of the natal chart

• emotions and illness

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Non-Member £45.00
AA Member £40.00

Oscar Hofman (1962, Amsterdam) is the founder of the International School of Classical Astrology, offering a complete long-distance learning programme in traditional astrology to students in more than 30 countries in 6 languages. He is the author of four books which have been translated into six languages, he is a pioneer in classical medical astrology and he writes columns for several astrological magazines, in Germany and in Belgium. Oscar travels a lot to give workshops; he has an astrological practice attending to clients world-wide. He was the first astrologer in Europe to be translated into Chinese; he is a teacher at the Academy of Traditional Astrology in Taipei. His first book "Classical Medical Astrology - healing with the Elements" (The Wessex Astrologer, 2009) was very well received and generally appraised as a ground-breaking work in regenerating the medical branch of our ancient celestial art.

He can be reached through:, tel. 0031-183649405,