Correlation - Special issue

The Professor Suitbert Ertel Memorial Edition

Cover of Correlation magazine The late Professor Suitbert Ertel was a most thorough, academically rigorous defender of the Gauquelin research. The special memorial edition of Correlation, just published, contains many tributes from his contemporaries, plus reprints of his most celebrated studies: 'Further Grading of Eminence: Planetary Correlations with Musicians, Painters, Writers' [previously published in Correlation], and 'Raising the Hurdle for the Athletes' Mars Effect: Association Co-varies with Eminence' (previously published in the Journal of Scientific Exploration).

Also, in this bumper 88-page edition is fascinating new material on Gauquelin by Graham Douglas and Kyösti Tarvainen, plus Ming Shian Wu's very up-to-date study: 'Do Astrological Signs Correlate with Facebook Usage?'

In addition to all this, now being proof-read and finalised is the next most exciting and colourful edition 32(1) of Correlation; full of twenty-first century astro-research, prepared by guest-editor Courtney Roberts. This should be published in the Autumn.

Subscribers always have online access to the Correlation archive. Eight Correlations were published between autumn 1968 and summer 1970. In June 1981, Correlation as we know it now was first published. Scanned pdf files of both collections are on line for Correlation subscribers to study; including articles by long-standing AA Presidents, John Addey & Charles Harvey, plus Michel Gauquelin, Suitbert Ertel, Peter Roberts, Hans Eysenck, and many more eminent astrology researchers

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