In The Loop July 2016

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Honest words and genuine facts are at a premium as the UK approaches the referendum vote. The USA grapples with terrifying violence in words as well as deeds. Throughout the world kindness seems increasingly absent. So rather than articles, offering more words, this issue of In the Loop is mainly astrological information.

Look at "EU Vote Polls Close" and "Attack on The Pulse" charts. Use the dynamic list supplied to compare our times to key historical events at Saturn / Neptune 90 degree separations since 1900. We now know the long term consequences of the short-sighted selfishness of those times. Compare this to the benefits that came from courageous kindness that saw us through. Click and listen to John Green's sensitive analysis of Neptune in Pisces - recorded at the 2012 Conference, incredibly relevant today. Use all this as background to consider these two key charts of our time and the decisions they urge upon us.

Let the astrology inform you. May it guide our way through these difficulties to a brighter and kinder future that we make together.

Roy Gillett - President

Use the background below to put in perspective the two key charts of June 2016, to help make the right decisions.

Saturn/ Neptune 90 degree separations 1900 to 2030. Beginning of the end of European Colonialism

SatOpp Nep 16/08/1900 28°Sg39' R28°Ge39'D

SatOpp Nep 04/10/1900 29°Sg15'D 29°Ge15'R

Suffragette hunger strikes begin

SatSqrNep 14/04/1909 14°Ar24'D 14°Cn24'D

SatSqrNep 19/10/1909 19°Ar20'R 19°Cn20'D

SatSqrNep 24/01/1910 17°Ar31'D 17°Cn31'R

World War One slaughter intensifies even further

SatCnjNep 01/08/1917 04°Le45'D 04°Le45'D

UK General Strike

SatSqrNep 16/01/1926 24°Sc08'D 24°Le08'R

SatSqrNep 23/05/1926 22°Sc06'R 22°Le06'D

SatSqrNep 06/11/1926 26°Sc49'D 26°Le49'D

Spanish Civil War July begins 1936

SatOpp Nep21/03/1936 14°Pi59'D 14°Vi59'R

SatOpp Nep04/10/1936 17°Pi26'R 17°Vi26'D

SatOpp Nep18/01/1937 18°Pi45'D 18°Vi45'R

Blanket bombing of Germany, V1 and V2 Rocket, attacks on London, building the Atomic Bomb

SatSqrNep 02/07/1944 01°Cn34'D 01°Li34'D

SatSqrNep 08/01/1945 06°Cn25'R 06°Li25'R

SatSqrNep 06/04/1945 04°Cn45'D 04°Li45'R

Struggle for colonial freedom, Korean War, birth of modern consumer society

SatCnjNep 21/11/1952 22°Li46'D 22°Li46'D

SatCnjNep 17/05/1953 21°Li38'R 21°Li38'R

SatCnjNep 22/07/1953 21°Li12'D 21°Li12'D

Escalation and opposition to Vietnam War, birth of generational conflict and counter culture

SatSqrNep 18/02/1963 15Aq39'D 15°Sc39'R

Expansion of physical and spiritual global travel

SatOppNep 26/06/1971 00°Ge51'D 00°Sg51'R

SatOppNep 27/11/1971 02°Ge52'R 02°Sg52'D

SatOppNep 19/04/1972 04°Ge46'D 04°Sg46'R

Winter of Discontent in UK, Thatcherism, Iran Revolution, Reaganomics, birth of monetarism

SatSqrNep 14/09/1979 17°Vi47'D 17°Sg47'D

SatSqrNep 26/03/1980 22°Vi40'R 22°Sg40'R

SatSqrNep 22/06/1980 21°Vi00'D 21°Sg00'R

Collapse of Soviet Union, recession as monetarism shows it first flaws

SatCnjNep 03/03/1989 11°Cp54'D 11°Cp54'D

SatCnjNep 24/06/1989 11°Cp14'R 11°Cp14'R

SatCnjNep 13/11/1989 10°Cp21'D 10°Cp21'D

Internet stocks booming unrealistically, due to bust April/May 2000. Financial Services Modernization Act passed in USA - a major cause of 2008 economic crash.

SatSqrNep 25/06/1998 01°Ta29'D 01°Aq29'R

SatSqrNep 01/11/1998 29°Ar30'R 29°Cp30'D

SatSqrNep 06/04/1999 04°Ta07'D 04°Aq07'D

Unrealistic booming of loan and property markets

SatOppNep 31/08/2006 17°Le52'D 17°Aq52'R

SatOppNep 28/02/2007 20°Le14'R 20°Aq14'D

SatOppNep 25/06/2007 21°Le46'D 21°Aq46'R

Confusion, half-truths and hatred between people, encouraged by narrow-minded leaders

SatSqrNep 26/11/2015 07°Sg02'D 07°Pi02'D

SatSqrNep 18/06/2016 12°Sg02'R 12°Pi02'R

SatSqrNep 10/09/2016 10°Sg24'D 10°Pi24'R

A new beginning? Have we learned enough to make things better?

SatCnjNep 20/02/2026 00°Ar45'D 00°Ar45'D


Now look at the Pulse Chart below

Attack on The Pulse Nightclub 0200 EDT, 12th June 2016, Orlando, Fl. USA

Does what happened at The Pulse, with Pluto trined by Jupiter in the 10th and Jupiter/Saturn/Neptune T-square recently on the angles, tell you the consequences of basing decisions on short-sighted hate?

Now refer to EU Vote Polls Close Chart below

EU Vote Polls Close 2200 BST 23rd June 2016, Westminster, UK

With Jupiter in Virgo trining Pluto in Capricorn, while the Jupiter/Saturn/Neptune T-Square is at its most confusing, what European "unknown" would it be wisest to plunge ourselves into?

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