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Saturday 1st

Uranus in Taurus in relation to volcanoes 13.45 at Guist Post Office and cafe, Norfolk NR20 5AJ. Norfolk Astrology Association Facebook page

Monday 3rd

Mercury enters Pisces 11:37 GMT

Wednesday 5th

Is Our Chart the Interference Pattern which Creates our Personal Hologram? A talk by Nick Oakley-Smith. What if the chart is actually an interference pattern containing the programming for our particular hologram? Stephen Hawking before he died and Leonard Susskind at Stanford University seem convinced that we live in a holographic universe. Is the new Age of Aquarius ushering in an understanding of cosmic software and the global mind? What role do Trump, Boris Johnson and Climate Change have to play in this? In this talk Nick is going to look at our charts as receivers for evolutionary software, each programmed to play a role in the evolution of the global mind. 19:45-21:15 at Top Floor Cafe Room, Cornerstone Community Centre, First Avenue, Hove BN3 2FL. Drop in, open to all.

Thursday 6th

Restoring The Masculine Benefic with Bernard Eccles. In the last few decades, thanks to the boom in astrology, feminism and the counterculture in general The Goddess in all her forms has been restored to her previous position of prominence. At the same time, there has been a revision of the masculine deities. Jupiter for example is now all too frequently seen as a serial adulterer, Mars as a would-be warrior who isn't much good. We now have asteroids for the roles of the mother, wife, sister and daughter - but what about the father, husband, brother and son? Perhaps it is time to restore the benefic side of the masculine ethos? A meeting of the Aquarius Severn Astrology Society. 7.30 to 9.30pm at 2 Wolseley Terrace Oriel Rd Cheltenham. Entry: £7.00 (non-members), £5.00 (members), £3.00 (students).

Friday 7th

Venus enters Aries 20:02 GMT

Sunday 9th

FULL MOON 07:33 GMT 20°00 Leo

Friday 14th

The Gods Who Walk beside Us with Vicky Maloney. Looking at our natal charts, transits and progressions in the light of an unfolding journey that begins at birth and moves on to another plane when we die. Along the way we meet helpers and tricksters all of whom are there to help us discover what the journey is really all about. A talk at the Bedford Astrology Club. 7.45 for 8pm start at St Marks Community Centre, Calder Rise, Bedford MK41 7UY Information:

Sunday 16th

Mars enters Capricorn 11:33 GMT

Dennis Elwell, astrologer, born OTD 1930

Reinhold Ebertin, astrologer, born OTD 1901

Wednesday 19th

Sun enters Pisces 23:04 GMT

The Progressed Moon A talk by Carole Taylor. Progressions reflect the changing shape of our inner world, and perhaps none more powerfully than the movements of the progressed Moon. We encounter each successive dimension of life as it moves through the houses, experiencing and absorbing through soul and body, and weaving it into memory. In addition, we have the progressed Moon's cycle in relation to its own place, a cycle of emotional development - and also its cycle in relation to the Sun, in which the world of everyday (lunar) experience becomes incorporated as part of the (solar) alchemy of an individual's life. Along the way, the progressed Moon touches each natal chart factor in turn, bringing a soulful awareness to each part of our personality. This talk will explore the meaning of the progressed Moon - through its aspects to other chart factors, its progress through the houses, and its cycles in relation to itself and to the Sun. 19:45-21:15 at Top Floor Cafe Room, Cornerstone Community Centre, First Avenue, Hove BN3 2FL. Drop in, open to all.

Thursday 20th

Jupiter sextile Neptune (at 17°44 Capricorn/Pisces)

Sunday 23rd

NEW MOON 15:32 GMT 04°29 Pisces

MARCH 2020

Wednesday 4th

Mercury (retrograde) enters Aquarius 11:08 GMT

The Mystery of Michael Hutchence A Talk by Lena Hjalmarsson. In 1997 Michael Hutchence, the archetypal lead singer of the Australian rock band INXS was found dead in his hotel room in Sydney, Australia, following a seemingly fast descent into excessive drink and drugs. His apparent suicide was dismissed as plain rock 'n roll cliché. In 1992 a taxi driver knocked Hutchence to the floor injuring his head. Although he immediately went to hospital, he was released by the doctor the same night. Why did the doctor send him home apparently putting his aggression and incoherent speech down to drunkenness? Much later Hutchence was diagnosed with Anosmia, a traumatic brain injury (TBI) resulting in a 90 % loss of the sense of taste, and a complete loss of the sense of smell. His personality changed, leading to depression and increased aggression. During the talk Lena will explore how the Birth Chart and Transits of Hutchence reflect his personal and professional life as well as his close relationship with TV presenter Paula Yates. 19:45-21:15 at Top Floor Cafe Room, Cornerstone Community Centre, First Avenue, Hove BN3 2FL. Drop in, open to all.

Thursday 5th

Venus enters Taurus 03:07 GMT

Saturday 7th

Medieval Astrology An afternoon workshop with Chris Michell at The Perry Tree Centre, Dovedale Road, Kingstanding, Birmingham B23 5BX. (On the corner of Dovedale Road and College Road). 1.30pm to start at 2.00pm to 5.00pm. £10 before 2nd February, thereafter £15. For more information contact; or visit our website Birmingham Astrology Group

Monday 9th

FULL MOON 17:48 GMT 19°37 Virgo

Sunday 15th

Mercury enters Pisces 07:42 GMT

Monday 16th

Mercury goes direct (at 08°13 Aquarius)

Wednesday 18th

Reclaiming the Mythology of the Nine Muses using Asteroid Astrology A Talk by Kieron Devlin. The Greek muses are still relevant in the 21st Century especially since they can now be re- invoked using the astrology of asteroids named after them. They are channels of creativity, preservers of the arts and culture, which stems from an appreciation of memory and meditation. They relate to the music of the spheres, the Enneagram and the Golden Mean ratio. Covering their names from Calliope to Polyhymnia, the symbolism of each one, the mythology around them, and their astrological correspondences, Kieron will cite from examples of famous artists in different fields. He will explore the specifics of where artistic talent can be located in the chart first using the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus and Neptune, but adding the finer detail of the muse asteroids. Find out which specific talent your muse connection points to by locating muse asteroids in your chart. 19:45-21:15 at Top Floor Cafe Room, Cornerstone Community Centre, First Avenue, Hove BN3 2FL. Drop in, open to all.

Friday 20th

SPRING EQUINOX Sun enters Aries 03:50 GMT


Monday 23rd

Dane Rudhyar, astrologer, born OTD 1892

Tuesday 24th

NEW MOON 09:28 GMT 02°12 Aries

Sunday 29th


APRIL 2020

Wednesday 1st

Nodal transit - When Alice Walks in Wonderland A Talk by Rod Chang. Lunar nodes, also known as the dragon's head and tail, have been overlooked in western astrology but perhaps their significance is now being realised. When a transiting planet moves to conjunct a node, or when a transiting nodal axis approaches our natal planet, these will bring us a journey of learning and growth.  In this talk Rod will share his study of Nodal transits and how they help personal growth. 19:45-21:15 at Top Floor Cafe Room, Cornerstone Community Centre, First Avenue, Hove BN3 2FL. Drop in, open to all.

Friday 3rd

Venus enters Gemini 17:11 GMT

Sunday 5th

Jupiter conjunct Pluto at 24°54 Capricorn

Wednesday 8th

FULL MOON 02:35 GMT 18°44 Libra

Thursday 9th

Linda Goodman, astrology writer, born OTD 1925

Saturday 11th

Mercury enters Aries 04:48 GMT

Sunday 12th

Howard Sasportas, astrologer, born OTD 1948

Saturday 19th

Sun enters Taurus 14:45 GMT

Thursday 23rd

NEW MOON 02:26 GMT 03°24 Taurus

Friday 24th

Pluto stations (retrograde until 4th October) at 25°00 Capricorn

Saturday 25th

Astronomy For Astrologers An online class with Wade Caves. Includes: Introduction & definitions, Coordinate systems, Celestial sphere, Celestial equator vs ecliptic, Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, Retrograde motion, Ptolemaic understanding (epicycles & deferents), Modern understanding & parallax, Sun & Moon, seasons & eclipses, The Saros cycle and nodal path, Precession of the equinoxes, Long and short ascension, House systems: Placidus (time-based), Regiomontanus (space-based), Out of bounds/declination. Time: 10.00 - 16.00 BST. Price: free for Mayo School of Astrology students and graduates, £49.00 for others. To register, email

Monday 27th

Mercury enters Taurus 19:53 GMT

MAY 2019

Friday 1st

William Lilly, astrologer, born OTD 1609(OS)

Monday 11th

Mercury enters Gemini 04.48 GMT

Saturn stationary at 01°57 Aquarius (retrograde until 29th Sept)

Wednesday 13th

Mars enters Pisces 04.17 GMT

Thursday 14th

FULL MOON 10:25 GMT 17°20 Scorpio

Jupiter stationary at 27°14 Capricorn (retrograde until 13th Sept)

Wednesday 20th

Sun enters Gemini 13:49 GMT

Friday 22nd

NEW MOON 07:39 GMT 02°05 Gemini

Lois Rodden, astrologer, data collector and founder of Astro-DataBank, born OTD 1922

22nd - 24th: On the Political Skies:Harmonies Between Heaven and Earth In December 2020 Jupiter and Saturn form a conjunction in Aquarius. In Persian theory, transmitted into the Islamic world and Medieval and Renaissance Europe, this signifies an entirely new period of history, lasting around two and a half centuries. At such moments of change kingdoms rise and fall and new prophets appear, preaching new religious teachings. To mark this conjunction, this academic conference considers the many ways in which societies have sought political harmony between heaven and earth, or sought to use such connections for the common good, to gain personal advantage or shaping and intervening in the historical process. Dynasties were inaugurated, kings proclaimed and cities founded at auspicious moments. In the modern world astrology remains a feature of politics on India, and in the west the theory of great ages took on a new form in the theory of the coming Aquarian Age. Sponsored by the Sophia Centre. Location: St Petersburg, Russia. Information and booking:

Saturday 23rd

Elias Ashmole, astrologer, born OTD 1617

Thursday 28th

Mercury enters Cancer 18.09 GMT