The Astrologer's Diary

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Thursday 1st

NEW MOON 03:12 GMT 08°37 Leo

Mercury stations at 24°01 Cancer (goes direct)

The Fifth & Eleventh Houses The 'houses' of the birth chart represent the key areas of one's life. Join us as we continue our facilitated discussion series dedicated to the role of the houses in the astrological chart, focusing this time on the fifth and eleventh houses - places of creativity and sharing. A meeting of the Aquarius Severn astrology group.

Wednesday 7th

Alan Leo, astrologer, born OTD 1860

Saturday 10th

Lilly Day At St. Mary's parish church hall, Walton-on-Thames. This year we are pleased to welcome Wade Caves who will talk on the question of astrological magic. Every year astrologers meet for an afternoon in Walton to celebrate the life and work of William Lilly. Join us from midday onwards in the Swan pub, where you can obtain a fine pub lunch whilst enjoying the views of the Thames. Our formal discussions take place in st. Mary's church hall KT12 2QS, a short walk up Manor Road. We meet from 3:15pm to 6:00pm including a tea break. Organised by the Company of Astrologers

Sunday 11th

Mercury enters Leo 14:46 GMT

Jupiter stations at 14°30 Sagittarius (goes direct)

Looking Backwards & Forwards - Predictive Astrology Workshop with Joanna Watters & Elisabeth Brooke. Your horoscope, or natal chart, is a photograph of the heavens, a snapshot taken on the date of your birth, from your place of birth and at the exact time of your birth. It is unique to you and cannot be replicated. As above, so below. Your natal chart reflects not only your nature but also your life events. We find transits by comparing the moving picture - where the planets are at any given time - to the frozen moment of the natal chart. This constitutes a large part of how astrologers make their predictions.Learn about the cycles and symbolism of each planet and how to identify and interpret past, present and future transits. We'll also be discussing the importance of the progressed chart and how to identify and interpret key progressions for any given year. The combination of a progression, transit and lunation is crucial to accurate predictive work 11am - 5pm at Philadelphia Assocation, London. £65.00 (£55.00 per day early bird - deadline for early bird payment 7 July). email: Joanna Watters

Monday 12th

Uranus stations at 06°37 Taurus (goes retrograde until 10th Jan 2020)

Tuesday 13th

13th - 15th: London Summer School with Joanna Watters & Elisabeth Brooke. This course, using example charts and your own chart, covers the basics of astrology and is suitable for both beginners and those wishing to refresh their techniques. The course will run over three days but is designed as 6 separate modules (two per day), so you can come to as many as you like, from one to all six. Each module includes some work on your own horoscope. Please have your data to hand when booking your place so that your horoscope can be drawn up by us in advance. DISCOUNT FOR EARLY BIRD BOOKINGS - payment to be received by 7th July. Venue: London. Details and booking: Joanna Watters

Thursday 15th

FULL MOON 12:29 GMT 22°24 Aquarius

Friday 16th

Roy Firebrace, sidereal astrologer & co-founder of the Astrological Association, born OTD 1889

Wednesday 21st

Venus enters Virgo 09:06 GMT

Friday 23rd

Sun enters Virgo 10:02 GMT

Thursday 29th

Mercury enters Virgo 07:48 GMT

29th - 3rd September: NCGR Conference Baltimore,USA.

Friday 30th

NEW MOON 10:37 GMT 06°47 Virgo


Saturday 7th

Sedna Consciousness: the Soul's path of Destiny with Alan Clay. The Perry Tree Centre, Dovedale Road, Kingstanding, Birmingham B23 5BX. (On the corner of Dovedale Road and College Road) Time: 1.30pm to start at 2.00pm to 5.00pm. Cost: £10 before 4th August thereafter £15. For more information contact Gill on or visit the website: Birmingham Astrology Group

Friday 13th

13th - 15th: Canadian National Astrology Conference Edmonton, Alberta.

Saturday 14th

FULL MOON 04:33 GMT 21°05 Pisces

Mercury enters Libra at 07:14 GMT

Venus enters Libra at 13:43 GMT

Astrology Student Conference 2019: Exploring Forecasting Techniques at Browns, Covent Garden, London.

Wednesday 18th

Saturn stationary at 13°55 Capricorn (turning direct)

Saturday 21st

Jupiter squares Neptune at 17°00 Sagittarius/Pisces

Monday 23rd

AUTUMN EQUINOX Sun enters Libra 07:50 GMT

Saturday 28th

NEW MOON 18:26 GMT 05°20 Libra


Wednesday 2nd

Margaret Hone, co-founder of the Astrological Association, born OTD 1892

Thursday 3rd

Pluto goes direct (at 20°38 Capricorn)

Mercury enters Scorpio 08:14 GMT

Friday 4th

Mars enters Libra 04:22 GMT

Tuesday 8th

Venus enters Scorpio 17:06 GMT

Sunday 13th

FULL MOON 21:08 GMT 20°14 Aries

Wednesday 23rd

Sun enters Scorpio 17:20 GMT

Monday 28th

NEW MOON 03:38 GMT 04°25 Scorpio


Friday 1st

Venus enters Sagittarius 20:25 GMT

Tuesday 12th

FULL MOON 13:34 GMT 19°52 Taurus

Tuesday 19th

Mars enters Scorpio 07:40 GMT

Wednesday 20th

Mercury turns direct (at 11°37 Scorpio)

Friday 22nd

Sun enters Sagittarius 14:59 GMT

Tuesday 26th

Venus enters Capricorn 00:28 GMT

NEW MOON 15:06 GMT 04°03 Sagittarius

Wednesday 27th

Neptune turns direct (at 15°56 Pisces)


Monday 2nd

Jupiter enters Capricorn 18:20 GMT

Monday 9th

Mercury enters Sagittarius 09:52 GMT

Thursday 12th

FULL MOON 05:12 GMT 19°52 Gemini

Oliva Barclay, horary astrologer, born OTD 1919

Friday 20th

Venus enters Aquarius 06:41 GMT

Sunday 22nd


Sun enters Capricorn 04:19 GMT

Thursday 26th

NEW MOON 05:13 GMT 04°07 Capricorn

Friday 27th

Johannes Kepler, astronomer-astrologer, born OTD 1751

Sunday 29th

Mercury enters Capricorn 04:55 GMT