Workshops & Masterclasses

We hope to increase our list of recorded masterclasses and workshops soon. Meanwhile we hope you enjoy those we have on offer already.

Ben Dykes Masterclass

Ben Dykes

How to Interpret Natal Lots (Conference 2016)


Mark Jones Masterclass

Mark Jones

Expanding Our Horizons; The Outer Planets as Higher Octaves of the Personal Planets (Conference 2016)


Roy Gillett Masterclass

Roy Gillett

Using Astrology To Understand Today And The Years Ahead (Conference 2009)


Rob Hand Masterclass

Rob Hand

Dealing With Difficult Chart Combinations (Conference 2009)


Ben Dykes Workshop

Ben Dykes

Medieval Nativities: Techniques and Translations (Bath 2008)


Michael Lutin Masterclass

Michael Lutin

Living a Fulfilling if Not Totally Normal Personal Life (Conference 2008)