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The Astrologer's Newsletter - Sept/Oct 2007

1958 - 2008

2008 will be the 50th anniversary of the Astrological Association. To mark the occasion, the AA will be holding a fundraising and celebration dinner/party on Saturday 21st June 2008.

"After lengthy discussion....the date of the founding of the new Astrological Association was fixed for June 21st 1958, at 8.22 pm, London. It was carefully chosen and I remember well the precise moment the new President (Brigadier Firebrace) slapped the desk in front of him and announced that the Astrological Association had been born"

Joan Rodgers, writing in An Astrological Anthology, Volume One ed. Zach Matthews; published by the Astrological Association 1995.


Members notices

From Jenny Bestrode:

A mother has phoned me to ask if there is any way her ten-year-old son can pursue his interest in astrology - he is seriously interested! Does anyone run any classes for children? Are there any books that have been published for children? Can astrology be taught in a manner that is appropriate and safe for children, or should they wait until they are older? I do not know the lady who phoned, or her son; this was a call completely out of the blue. Has anyone got any suggestions?

Phone call received at 10.05am BST; 16th August 2007; Market Harborough

If anyone has any ideas or information, you can contact Jenny via Transit


Astrology Peer Group

From Kelley Boulton:

Have you reached a point in your astrological studies where you feel the need to learn from experience and start putting what you know so far into practice? Does this step forward feel challenging?

If so, you are not alone. I find myself attempting to make the transition from being a student of the theory of astrology, with limited practical experience, to becoming a 'practicing astrologer'. Like many others in the same position, I have found the process to be an emotional roller coaster - very exciting and immensely challenging at the same time, exhilarating and utterly nerve-racking, both uplifting and deeply fulfilling, yet also a very lonely process sometimes - exacerbated by largely self-directed and distance learning study.

With this process in mind, I am hoping to connect with other people to form a unique astrology peer group. I hope to create a group with people at a similar stage of transition - who, having achieved a good grounding in their basic astrological understanding, whether this has taken twenty years, or just two; who are attempting to turn their studies into a practical tool or craft. I am hoping that the group may serve several purposes, one of which, being to ease the struggle of stepping forward, by offering mutual support from like-minded people, on a similar stage of a shared path. My hope is that the peer group will be a mutually supportive and intimate sharing experience, and for it to provide an opportunity to bring astrology alive through individual 'open' exploration of our own charts and life . If you consider yourself to be an intermediate or advanced student of astrology, whether via self-directed, or 'formal' training, and feel that this group would fulfil a need in you that is currently not catered for. Or, if you feel excited about playing a part in its formation, please contact me for further details.

Please contact Kelley via Transit