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The Astrologer's Newsletter - November/December 2008


The Death of Capitalism?
Well, we're certainly living in interesting times right now, aren't we? I'm sure I'm not the only one wishing that all I and my correspondents had to write about was sport, the weather and the latest Big Brother series. And Pluto hasn't even entered Capricorn properly yet!

At the time of writing (31st October) the global financial crisis is still moving fast; Pauline Smith had to send in an update to her article on the financial crisis and the UK. The article on the birth of a new local currency in Sussex might give some relevant food for thought - perhaps even a pointer to how Pluto might reshape our financial world?


Liz Greene once wrote "When you're having a Pluto transit, do something Plutonian." In other words, take the initiative and use the planetary influences instead of being used by them. So, at this Pluto ingress, look at where Pluto, Saturn and Capricorn fall in your chart, think about what changes you need to make in those areas, and do something Plutonian, do something Capricornian!


If you have been - thanks for reading.

Val Dobson, Editor


US film star Paul Newman passed away from cancer on Sep 26, 2008, at his home in Westport, Connecticut. Data: Jan 26 1925; 6:30 am (11:30am GMT); Cleveland Heights Ohio, 41N31, 081W33 Rating: AA

Controversial far-right Austrian politician Joerg Haider died in a car crash on the 11th Oct 2008 at 01:18 (am) CEDT; it happened at Lambichl in Köttmannsdorf, Austria (46N34 14E16).

A preliminary investigation showed that his alcohol blood level was three times over the limit (it has been reported that he had been drinking heavily in a gay bar with a friend) and he had been travelling at over twice the speed limit; the investigation also showed that he died instantly. An eyewitness rang the emergency services within moments of the crash, so we have, unusually, a precise time of death. (Caroline Gerrard has reminded me that the recorded 'time of death' is nearly always the time that a doctor has formally pronounced death, and can be hours after the actual 'last breath'.)

His birth data: Jan. 26, 1950; 14:25 MET (13:25 GMT) Bad Goisern, Austria 47N38 13E37. Source: From memory, quoted from his wife.

The 'Better Late Than Never' Department

This will probably be redundant by the time you read this, but US Presidential hopeful John McCain's data has finally come to light. According to a copy of his birth certificate that has been posted on the internet, it's 18h25 EST (23:25 GMT); 29 August 1936; Colon, Panama (80w00 9N21) AS: 5Pi53 Moon: 2Aq24