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The Astrologer's Newsletter - May/June 2008

Opinions Wanted!

I have received the following from Phyllis Byne, who enclosed a copy of a letter on the benefits of astrological knowledge that she and her husband had sent to their MP and the Prime Minister in 1992. (A PDF scan of her letter can be viewed here.) She makes the good point that astrology can help with both self-understanding and relationships. I'd like to have your views on the subject! Write or email c/o the usual address.

Making good use of Astrology

Having studied this subject and along with experiences of a very strained and serious nature, I have come to understand how helpful it can be for everyone, in different ways.

It is quite true to say that a great number of people (all over the world) know of its existence as an unfailing signpost to our future and helpful to overcome potential pitfalls in our path. However, in general, it is a small proportion of the general public who know about it or even of it, except for the generalities given in newspapers and magazines.

We all know how hard our professional astrologers (and those who have an interest in the subject) work to keep this going. I am inclined, however, to think that if it was more widely advertised outside of our astrological circles, (i.e. Schools, Colleges, Television, Libraries) that Astrology itself could and should be brought to everyone's attention and at the same time be treated as a profession. In other words, can we provide it with the respectability it deserves, but does not always receive outside of our groups!

Can we not shout a little louder through the above medias? Do we know someone who could help here? We are now in the 'age of Aquarius', so is it not the right time to at least try?

As you will see from these letters, my husband and I tried to bring Astrology to the attention of the Prime Minister of that time. Regretfully, to no avail. However, through this endeavour it was brought to our attention that many members of Parliament were interested in this subject.

My husband has since died, but I continue pursuing this interest as I passionately believe that it is not only helpful, but necessary for everyone to at least have a basic understanding of it.

Phyllis Byne



A member of the Astrological Association

Comings, Goings, and In the News


Humphrey Lyttelton British bandleader, jazz musician, broadcaster, writer, composer, amateur birdwatcher and calligrapher... With a CV like that, he just had to be a Sun Gemini! (And he was.) Born: May 23rd 1921, Eton College, England (his father was a master there), no time known; died: 7.00pm, 25th April 2008, Barnet Hospital, London. Information from his website

Gwyneth Dunwoody Popular Labour MP, praised for her independent thinking, who held the record for the longest unbroken Parliamentary service of any British woman MP. Born: 12th December 1930, Fulham, London (no time known); died: 17th April 2008.

Richard Widmark American actor. Died: March 24, 2008 in Roxbury, Connecticut, after a fall. Born: December 26, 1914; 12:45 PM CST (+6:00); Sunrise, MN (45 N 33 / 92 W 51). Information from birth record.


Shannon Matthews The young Dewsbury (UK) girl was allegedly abducted on 19th February 2008 and held prisoner until police found her hidden in a house a few hundreds yards from her home on the 14th March. According to (site now defunct), she was born 9th September 1998 in Dewsbury.

Going down:

Colin Campbell Norris was convicted of the murders of four elderly patients with insulin shots. He was born 12 February 1976, 19.14 hours, Stobhill Hospital, Glasgow. (Birth certificate, via Caroline Gerard.)

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