The Astrologer's Newsletter - May/June 2007

Articles in this issue:

The Heart Remembers by Chris Ogilvie

This year's Saturn/ Neptune opposition has many layers of meaning. Lying across the Leo Aquarius axis we have themes of possible conflict between heart versus head and individual will versus collective will. Saturn stands for structure, boundaries, discipline, limits and authority while Neptune...Continue reading

1707 - Anniversary of the Act of Union

May 2007 marks the 300th anniversary of the Act of Union which created Great Britain from Scotland, England and Wales. On 3rd May there will be Scottish Parliamentary plus local government elections in Scotland. Politicians and political commentators alike are highlighting the results as pivotal for the future of the union. So what does astrology have to tell us about this relationship? Continue reading

Jenni Dean Harte's World News

Weíre about to experience the final Saturn Neptune opposition 25 June (is that a collective sigh of relief I just heard?). On this final pass between them, Jupiter is still trine Saturn which will certainly bring some passion to the party along with igniting our belief systems for better or worse.... Continue reading

The Virginia Tech Shootings - Data and timeline

16th April 2007; Blacksburg, Virginia (37N13 80W25)

Seung-Hui Cho: born January 18 1984, Seoul, South Korea (Source: Wikipedia)

Timeline: Cho first shot dead two people at 7:15am EDT (11:15 GMT). He then posted a package of recordings and photographs to NBC news, postmarked 9:01 am EDT. At about 9:30 am EDT, he went to another building and killed 30 people there, before shooting himself.

Amidst the carnage, there were several acts of selfless heroism. The media have concentrated on Professor Liviu Librescu, who held the door against Cho while his students escaped and was then shot dead. A Romanian Jew who had survived the Nazi concentration camps, he was born August 18, 1930 in Ploiesti, Romania (44N56, 26E1) (Source: Wikipedia)


Michel Draux from France is looking for his astro-twins:

"I am very interested in my astro twins born on 23rd January 1950 and have already found 40 and still would like to find more. If you were born then, could you go to Look forward to hearing from you."

Forty astro-twins! I am amazed by that - Iíve only come across two astro-twins for myself. Years ago, there was a non-commercial register that put astro-twins in touch with each other; Iíd be interested to know if itís still going. On the internet nowadays, there are several websites purporting to do the same thing; however, those I have found give every appearance of being set up to gather email addresses for spamming purposes, so they are best avoided. (Michaelís site is not one of those.) If anybody knows of any good astro-twin services (on or off the internet), please let me know and I will mention it in the next Transit.


Val Dobson