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The Astrologer's Newsletter - March 2009


Unfortunately, this is the very last edition of Transit. The regular columns by David Fisher and Jenni Dean Harte will henceforth appear on the main Astrological Association website, as will the list of local astrology groups.

The last six years that I've been editor have been in some ways "the best of times, the worst of times", as every two months, I nagged people for articles, struggled to fill the pages, get them laid out, get them off to the printers in time, worried about what readers would make of it this time.... But AA members seem to have appreciated it and found it useful reading.

Naturally, I didn't do it alone - regular contributors Jenni Dean Harte and David Fisher always came through for me; Chris Ogilvie proved the soul of generosity in forgiving me not just for an awful editing mistake with one of her articles, but also for constantly misspelling her name; Paul Newman freely gave me many of his brilliant astrology-themed cartoons. And of course, there were you, the readers, without whom my job would have been utterly pointless

I thank you all and bid you a fond farewell.


Aya Jayne Soliman was born in London two days after her mother was declared braindead by doctors. Jayne Soliman, a 41-year-old champion iceskater, collapsed on January 7th from a massive brain haemorrhage. She was 25 weeks pregnant and her body was kept artificially alive while doctors prepared for a Caesarean birth. According to a report in the Independent newspaper: "Aya Jayne was delivered by Caesarean section at 2.34pm on 9 January, weighing just 2lb 1oz. "


On January 20th, President Barack Obama of the United States was sworn into office. The US Constitution is unclear on precisely when a Presidentís term of office starts; one section states that the President-elect becomes President as of 12 noon on the day of inauguration, even if he doesn't take the oath of office, while another section states that he must take the Oath of Office with the specific language of that oath.

In the event, President Obama took the oath at 12.06 EST, but muddled the words a little (typical retrograde Mercury moment!). So, to make totally certain, he retook the oath the next day in the White House at 7:35p.m. EST.

We therefore have three possible charts for the beginning of his term of office. It will be interesting to see which one turns out to be most accurate.


Australian Bush Fires

Australian astrologer Gregory Clare has collected the data on the recent tragic bush fires that claimed so many lives.

The main fire began at 11:49 am, AEDT, 7 February 2009, Kilmore Victoria, Australia, 37S18, 144E57

Magnitude and speed first observed 4:26 pm AEDT 7 Feb 2009, Kinglake, Vic, 37S32, 145E20

State of Victoria: 12:00 pm LMT 1 July 1851, Melbourne Australia

Australia: 1:36 pm AEST 1 January 1901, Sydney Australia


UK Banking Crisis (part 3 of a 869-part series...)

Caroline Gerrard has dug up the birth data of two Scottish "Masters of the Universe":

Former chairman of HBOS Dennis Stevenson, Lord Stevenson of Coddenton: born Henry Dennistoun Stevenson 19th July 1945; 3.50am; Edinburgh

Former CEO of the Royal Bank of Scotland Sir Fred Goodwin: born Frederick Anderson Goodwin 17th August 1958; 7.45am; Paisley


I recently emailed arch-skeptic James Randi and politely asked for his birth data; the following reply came back within the hour: "August 7th, 1928, at 1:20 a.m., in Toronto, Canada. Available several places on the Internet..."


If you have been - thanks for reading.

Val Dobson, Editor