The Astrologer's Newsletter - March/April 2007


Have you booked for the AA Conference?

The 39th AA Conference is set for September 7th - 11th. There will be an early bird discount if you book before 31st March. All the information and latest nes is on the Main Astrological Association site

Important news for Astrological Association members

The Association is to become a limited company this year. This will not make any difference to members - you will continue to recieve all your normal membership benefits - but it does require that all members should sign up to become either Full Voting Members or Honourary Associates. Most members will already had all the details and signed the appropriate form; if you haven't signed, or just aren't sure, more details are on the Council News Page


Are there any musical astrologers out there?

Dannielle Blackstone writes: "Are you familiar with Gustav Holst`s composition The Planets? That is a very good piece which evokes the spirit of the planets in the Solar System, and I feel I can ‘see’ every one in their own bit of music. But that is just for the planets - I wonder if any musically inclined astrologer would be interested in composing such a piece for the Signs of the Zodiac; I imagine the 'Aries' piece would be similar to Holst`s 'Mars,' and 'Gemini' to his 'Mercury.' Would any astrologer be interested?"

This sounds like an interesting, rewarding and creative project. Anybody interested can contact Dannielle via the Transit address.


There is no Data Corner this time - David Fisher has been ill. But he is recovering - get well soon, David!


Val Dobson