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The Astrologer's Newsletter - July/August 2007

Have you booked for the AA Conference?

The 39th AA Conference is set for September 7th - 11th. Go to the main Astrological Association site for the latest news and to book your ticket. The main line-up of speakers can be found here.


The Saturn-Neptune opposition certainly made itself felt here in the UK. We have a new Prime Minister, much of Yorkshire was flooded by the heaviest rains in decades and murderous fanatics attempted to set off three carbombs. Saturn is at 23d22m of Leo (11th house Placidus) in the 1801 chart, so we can expect further soakings,slowdowns and scares until both Saturn and Neptune are past that degree. However, as Jenni Dean Harte assures us, there won't be another Saturn-Neptune opposition for decades. Good!


London attempted car-bombings: 01:00 BST; 29th June 2007; London.

Glasgow attempted car-bombing: 15:15 BST; 30th June 2007, Glasgow

Gordon Brown: 20 February 1951, 8.40 UT, Giffnock, Scotland, (55N48, 04W20) from birth certificate

Tony Blair: 6 May 1953, 6:10 BST, Edinburgh, Scotland, (55N57, 03W13)from birth certificate

UK 1801 chart: 1st January 1801; 00:00 LMT; London


Val Dobson