The Astrologer's Newsletter - July/August 2005

Hallo! Hope you are all getting ready for the AA Conference - it looks like being the best yet! More details can be found on the Council News page.

Ever fancied being a magazine editor? Then you'll be interested in the job vacancy advertised on the Council News page.

All astrologers should take a look at Roy Gillett's report on the new Ofcom Broadcasting Code. This has lifted many restrictions on how astrology can be demonstrated and discussed on radio and television; however, astrologers are barred from giving specific "life-changing advice" to individuals. In view of the many "change your life" advice shows that currently infest TV this seems a most unfair restriction.

In the rest of the magazine, you will find the full details of the forthcoming Annual General Meeting of the Astrological Association; Media Watch is back, as is David Fisher's Data Corner; Jenni Harte tells us what to watch out for in her regular World News column; Paul Newman speculates on Michael Jackson's chart and contributes one of his cartoons. Finally, don't miss the regular Council Profiles, where you can read about selected AA Council members.

Carry on reading!


- Val Dobson, Editor