The Astrological Journal 2019

March 2019

Victor Olliver's Editorial

Astrology and Imagination

March 2019 Astrological Association Journal

It's a huge honour to bring you Brian Clark's new essay 'Heaven in a wild flower: reflections on imagination'. The first part of the title is a line from William Blake's poem Auguries of Innocence which, among other things, invites us to embrace mystery and find beauty in natural commonplace things. "For artists, including astrological artists, imagination is another way of knowing and perceiving. It is a means of seeing through the world of literality," writes Clark - and, of course, this point goes to the heart of his essay. Astrology has its many techniques to draw on logic and intellect; but is this enough for a deeper understanding of what is the mystical (or even mysterious) language of astrology?

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