The 42nd Annual Conference of the Astrological Association

In Search of Hidden Treasures

17th to 19th September 2010
Wyboston Lakes



Plenaries and Masterclasses

Deborah HouldingDeborah Houlding is past editor of The Traditional Astrologer magazine, author of The Houses: Temples of the Sky, principal of the STA School of Traditional Horary Astrology and creator of Skyscript:

Carter Memorial Lecture : 'Conversing With Heaven'

Melanie ReinhartMelanie Reinhart received the Charles Harvey Award in 2004 and has been a patron of the Faculty of Astrological Studies since 2009. Melanie is the author of several acclaimed books including Chiron and the Healing Journey, recently revised.

Opening Plenary: 'ORCUS: Companion of Pluto'

AT MannTad Mann has been an astrologer since 1972. He is the author of The Round Art: A New Vision of Astrology and Mandala Astrological Tarot.

Masterclass: 'Family Systems and Life Time Astrology'
Plenary: 'Chaos Theory, Junk DNA and Life Time Astrology'

Gisele TerryGisele Terry has been working as an astrological consultant and psychotherapist for over thirty years. She is currently the president of ISAR

Masterclass: 'Aries Through Pisces: the Pattern of Human Development'

Plenary: 'Astrology and Psyche at the Crossroads of Healing'

Prudence JonesPrudence Jones a new Cambridge walking tour on Friday morning

Roman Cambridge : Local space astrology comes to life in the sacred city layout of Roman Cambridge. See the city ground-plan and its astronomical alignments from on high, then tour the Roman town beneath the Norman castle, exploring ancient roads and earthworks, Saxon and Norman churches, medieveal buildings and remnants of shrines to ancient gods.

FrankFrank Piechoski will give a special after-dinner presentation. As well being a great astrologer and devoted worker for the Association for Astrological Networking (AFAN) Frank is a professional actor and most entertaining performer.

Conference Talks

AnnaAnna Estaroth, MAPAI has been a professional astrologer since 1971, writes for The Scotsman newspaper and is a member of the Scottish Astrological Association.

How Your House Affects Your Life

ChristianChristian Borup has been a professional consulting astrologer since 1978 (PMAFA 1983), and has been lecturing, writing and teaching worldwide

Unaspected Planets: Needing What You Already Have
Both Sides Now: An Opposing View on the Opposition

AngelaAngela Cornish is an astrologer, hypnotherapist and is currently a tutor for the School of Traditional Astrology (STA)

What Lays Hidden in the Shadow of Our Past Lives? In Search of Buried Treasure Through Past Life Regression and Astrology

SueSue Farebrother is a professional astrologer with an MA in Cultural Astronomy and Astrology from Bath Spa University

The Mysterious World of the Underwater Filmmaker

patDr. Pat Harris specialises in the treatment of health issues using astrology,
We Are What We Think
The Astrological Birth Chart as the Most Effective Model for the Management of Stress-Related Issues

M. Kelley HunterM. Kelley Hunter PhD, CAP, is a depth astrologer, mythologist, writer, artist and author of Living Lilith: Four Dimensions of the Cosmic Feminine

The Four Liliths: Asteroid, Dark Moon, Black Moon, Star
The Astrology of Lility as Seen Through Art History

AleksandarAleksandar Imsiragic is the Chair of ISAR's International Council and Director of the Johannes Kepler Institute in Belgrade, Serbia

Fixed Stars Guide to Incoming Events 2010-2020
Hermetic Astrology

BabsBabs Kirby is a writer, lecturer, integrative psychotherapist and astrologer practising in South London.

Double Session: Pluto - God of the Underworld: A Guided Imagery Journey to Explore Pluto's Principle and Discover Our Own Buried Treasure

HakanHakan Kirkoglu is a leading consultant, teacher and writer in Turkey. He is a prize winner of the FAS, has an MA in Economics and is an ISAR VP

Profections in Mundane Astrology
Finding Major Life Statements in the Chart

JamieJamie McPhail was awarded the gold medal by the FAS in 1991 and is the author of Astrology: The Causes of War

Pluto, Uranus and Global Upheaveal

PaulPaul Mayo has been a professional consultant astrologer for three decades

Cardinal Bird in the Tree of Time

WendyWendy Stacey B.A., M.A., Dip LSA is the Principal of the Mayo School and Chair of the Astrological Association
Boom or Bust: A look at how the Jupiter/Saturn opposition will affect the economy
Secrets of Attraction in Synastry

BrankaBranka Stamenkovic is a traditional astrologer from Serbia

Court Astrologer's Astrology
Lord of the Geniture - Best Card Up Your Sleeve

DickDick van der Mark has worked professionally as a consulting astrologer and psychic reader for over twenty years and is the president of the Astrologische Associatie, the Dutch association for astrologers
Fascination and inconvenience: The Black Moon as a Transpersonal Object in Our Personal chart

MelanieMelanie Reinhart and Dick van der Mark

Be Mer-Curious: New Knowledge for an Old Profession

And Introducing:

MiloslawaMiloslawa Krogulska is an astrologer and astrology teacher for 10 years, and her books and articles are published in nationwide press and her TV/radio appearances popularise her book in Poland

Meet the Destiny - The Sun and Venus in the Progressed Chart

IzabelaIzabela Podlaska is a Polish astrologer since 1998, is a teacher of astrology and runs one of the biggest and most popular Polish astrology.

Perfect Moments

Dan Ciubotaru is the elected presidnet of Romanian Astrologers Association and is a professional astrologer based in Romania

Romania - From Monarchy and Communism to Democracy, an Astrological Perspective

APAE Speakers

RichardLondon School of Astrology
Richard Swatton,
Dip Psych Astrol, MA Couns. Psych., is an experienced astrologer and psychotherapist in private practice in London

The Challenge of Change

PatriciaWhite Eagle Lodge
Patricia Godden
has a career in scientific research, progressed to registration pharmaceuticals, became a reflexologist, then an astrologer. She has wirtten a book on astrology and crystals.
The Full Circle - Spirit in Matter

KathyAstrological Psychology Association
Kathy Rogers,
MSc, DipAPI, is a tutor with the Astrological Psychology Association. The APA teaches the Huber method of astrology.

Our Inner Motivation - the Aspect Patterns of Huber Astrology

KimAstrological Lodge of London
Kim Farnell
is an astrologer, writer and President of the Astrological Lodge of London

Simon Forman's Medical Astrology

lauraFaculty of Astrological Studies
Laura Andrikopoulos
is Vice-President of the Faculty of Astrological Studies. She is an astrologer based in Birmingham, UK.

The Astrology of Childhood

SueThe Mayo School of Astrology
Sue Tompkins
is a graduate from the Mayo School and the FAS, fellow of the FAS, Charles Harvey Award winner, homeopath, astrology teacher of thirty years and author of Aspects and The Contemporary Astrologer
Some Aspects of Medical Astrology

Review of 2010 Conference by AA member John Green