The 2017 Conference Chart: Traditional Interpretation

by Barbara Dunn

Barbara Dunn The chart for the opening of the 2017 conference contains mixed testimonies: on the one hand the ascendant ruler, Saturn, is close to a friendly sextile with bountiful Jupiter, added to which is a very strong mutual reception (domicile and exaltation). Venus also applies to a trine with Saturn. However, the sextile is separating, Saturn makes no aspect with the ascendant and is also afflicted by an approaching square with the Sun. Yet, there are a number of helpful mutual receptions (Mercury-Sun, Venus-Sun, and Jupiter-Saturn). Importantly, the Moon, natural ruler of the conference delegates, makes a partil (exact) trine with benevolent Venus, ruler of the third house of communications. The 2017 conference promises much in the way of social interaction, new friendships, conviviality and perhaps romance for some! Mars, ruler of the 9th and 10th houses, signifying the presentations and public persona, is uncomfortable in Virgo and is under sunbeams. Perhaps we can expect the occasional awkward moment. But Mercury's conjunction with the royal star Regulus, combined with Moon-Venus, should be enough to produce an exciting, exhilarating weekend!!

2017 Astrological Association Conference Opening Chart - Traditional