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The AA Library wouldn't exist without the generous contributions of members and authors. We are grateful for the donations made in 2016 to our existing book stock and archive. We are not well-stocked in books from 1990 onwards. Donations of books written by the present generation of astrologers would be welcome - as are complimentary copies of current publications. In turn these will continue to chart the history of astrological writing for the next generation to come just as Leo and Carter leading up to the authors of the 1960s and '70s do now.

Hannelore Goos has donated German & English translations of her book Divine Messengers - the Roman Roots of Astrological Planetary Symbols. A flavour of her work is given below:

...In Western Astrology we use the names of Roman gods and goddesses for the planets; but if mythological context is looked for, usually Greek legends are cited to illustrate their meanings. So how should we assess the influence of Roman mythology in the origins of Astrology? The book reviews the existing body of knowledge about the Roman deities Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn and compares this with their respective astrological symbols. The reader is thus enabled to recognize Roman mythological content in modern astrology. The aim is also to facilitate the emergence of new points of view and to help enrich the astrological interpretation of planetary symbols...

"Gotter am Himmel" was first published in German in 2014.

Veteran astrologer Betty Gosling has kindly donated her extensive collection of mundane charts organized by topics/subjects. Anyone interested in searching or reviewing these is welcome to contact librarian Trudie Charles.

Telephone & Voicemail: 01752 852193